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orthopedic massage therapy
“Your Body is My Business”
Orthopedic Massage Therapy
“Your Body is My Business”
Lauren M. Manzano, COMT, LMT
Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist

Cell: (310) 968-9888
Fax (805) 658-0923
Email: girlvirgo@gmail.com

Master Certification

1,577 Hours in Classroom Education

13 Years Experience

Wave Mobilization Technique

California Massage Therapy Council Certification # 2295

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Certified Member
General Public and Consumers
The ‘Certified’ Massage Therapist (CMT) or ‘Certified’ Massage Practitioner (CMP) title signifies to consumers that the CMT or CMP meets or exceeds quality standards established by SB 731. CAMTC provides oversight to the application, certification, and renewal processes to assure consumers that these standards have been met.   For spas and other massage employers, hiring a ‘Certified’ Massage Therapist (CMT) or ‘Certified’ Massage Practitioner (CMP) will make a statement of quality reflecting a commitment to best serve customers. For anyone not certified by CAMTC, SB 731 makes it an unfair business practice for a person to use the titles "Certified Massage Therapist", "Certified Massage Practitioner", "CMT" or "CMP".
Q: Are there different levels of certification?
Yes. There are two levels of certification: CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) and CMP (Certified Massage Practitioner). There will also be a conditional certification for the CMP category.
The levels of certification relate to the amount of education the massage therapist has completed. Generally speaking, the CMT category requires 500 hours (or more) of massage education, while the CMP category requires only 250 hours.
Q: Why should I care whether my massage therapist is certified?
There are many reasons why you should care. But the most important one is that you will know that your certified massage therapist has met requisite CAMTC standards of preparation and education to merit their designation. Certified Massage Therapists also undergo background checks, fingerprinting and other procedures to ensure they are legitimate bodyworkers.
Q: How can I find out if a massage therapist is certified?
You can check in two different ways:
There is an online function to look up a certificant.
CMTs and CMPs will have a physical certificate and/or ID card that they should be able to produce as proof of certification. CMTs and CMPs would also typically have their certificates posted on the wall of their studio.